Documentaries 2007 - 2012

Channel 4 - The Insider : An Army on the Cheap

Producer/Director : Jonathan Elliott

In Channel 4's Insider series of authored documentaries, former commander of British forces in Bosnia Col Bob Stewart brings his phenomenal inside knowledge to a little reported aspect of the overstretch problem in the forces.

Channel 4 -
The Insider : Should You Trust the PM?

Producer/Director : Jonathan Elliott

Former Standards Watchdog Sir Alistair Graham scrutinises the politics of trust after Blair.

Channel 4 - The Insider : Britain's Throwaway Soldiers

Producer/Director : Jonathan Elliott

Veteran BBC war correspondent and former independent MP Martin Bell talks to soldiers abandoned by the system.

Channel 4 - The Insider : Get Tough With The Homeless

Producer/Director : Jonathan Elliott

John Bird founder of The Big Issue believes the policy of successive governments to help the homeless has failed, he outlines his radical programme of tough love.

Documentaries Prior to 2007

CNBC Europe - The Business of Development (Fourteen Editions)

Series Producer, field producer/reporter and writer : Jonathan Elliott

The United Nations Development Programme commissioned 14 business programmes analysing the contribution of the private sector to the UN Millennium Development Goals

see separate page for more on this landmark project


BBC Frontline Scotland : Running on Red


BBC Frontline Scotland : Free at Last


BBC Frontline Scotland : Taken for a Ride


BBC Frontline Scotland : The Case That Jack Built

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BBC Frontline Scotland : True Confessions


BBC Frontline Scotland : Out of the Red


BBC Frontline Scotland : Defending the Faithful


BBC Frontline Scotland : A Difficult Diagnosis

BBC Frontline Scotland : In The Name of the Father


(Also networked on BBC 2)


BBC Frontline Scotland : Turf Wars


BBC Frontline Scotland : Australian Children


BBC Close Up North : A Death At Porton Down

(Also networked on BBC 2)

 BBC Close Up North : Caught in the Web

Non-broadcast documentary : Reading the Book of Life