Career History

I come from a family of writers and teachers, communication is in the blood.

FIRST I WANTED TO DIRECT ... I've been mad about documentary film making since I was at University and started out learning how to direct by becoming an apprentice film editor.

AND THEN PRODUCE ... I was working as an editor but it was ideas that fired me up. I got my break as a current affairs staffer at London Weekend Television.

AND THEN WRITE ... I loved writing, so I got trained up as a print news and features reporter and that led to on screen reporting work.

Since 1994 I've been working regularly as a TV film director and reporter. In 1998 I got my break making long form documentaries for the BBC.

These were investigative current affairs programmes that required high standards of journalism and directorial flair.

I've made over 20 half hour documentaries, mostly for the BBC, and countless short films in over 20 countries.