Undercover Operations - Ancient and Modern

In 2014 we retold the ancient Japanese fable, The 47 Ronin for UKTV/Yesterday.

Within the 48 minute programme, we had to deliver over 20 minutes of authentic drama reconstruction, featuring full Samurai battle scenes with convincing combat sequences.




We also had fun delving into the murky world of the Ninja, the much misunderstood 'Black Ops' of Japan's 16thC civil wars.




Also recently completed.... 

Discovery US wanted a film that told the story of the 2002 Moscow Theatre Siege in their Black Ops series - it had to grab a mainstream viewer from the outset and stay authoritative and gripping throughout.

For me, the first challenge was keeping the viewer hooked on a story where nothing much happens for three days ..... and then its all over in 10 minutes.

Black Ops : Night of Terror (Discovery US) UK version